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    Members : Alvian Wijaya, Davin Pratama Chandra.

    Indonesia is a very large country which has hundreds or even thousands of culture spread around Indonesia. This makes Indonesia a very unique country which pretty much has almost of culture from around the word. Wayang is the most known puppets from Indonesia’s culture with characters derived several groups of stories and settings. one of the most famost character in Indonesia’s wayang story is Gatotkaca.

    Our team is planing to create a game based on one of the well known wayang’s character which is Gatotkaca, and maybe some of the other character as well. The concept of our game is basically the character of the player can jump vertically and the player has to collect some points to unlock other character or other place (different background). The players can control their character by pressing their arrow keys to move the character left and right.

    The objective of the game is to keep jumping as high as the players can with a more challenging scenario when the players get higher. if the character fall from the platform, the players will lose the game and have to repeat once again from the bottom of the game.

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